How are we supposed to pray?


We are supposed to pray in Jesus’ name.

You have to be totally honest with God; ask for anything and expect Him to do amazing things! But always remember that His will is perfect and so is He. He will never do anything if it is not the best for you. For instance, you may pray for a room full of candy, but I doubt He would think that would be best for you!!

Do you think God would ever use His power to hurt you? (No!) God can NEVER use His power against His other attributes. For instance:

God loves us so much He will never use His power to hurt us unnecessarily.

God is Totally Truthful and will never use His power to lie.

God is Perfect and Clean and will never use His power to do evil.

You can be sure that God will always answer your prayers (with a yes, no, or wait) in a way that is perfect and best.

The Way to Pray

With sincerity (with honesty) – Hebrews 10:22

  • With reverence (with respect and love)

  • In faith – Matthew 21:22


A suggestion to work the power of prayer

It might be used as posters or in tree more different ways:

1. Posters: Print and A3 size or cardstock and leave exposed in the room.
One day leave in order, on the other hand out in the room in disarray and ask the kids to organize the sentences.
2. Puzzle: Print in small size, place inside some bags, distribute a bag to each student and ask them to put in order.
3. Complete: A cool activity for those who write … Print but cover the written part, ask them to complete the corresponding phrases of the prayer. Have one writing as a proof, so let the next so it can be checked.


Our Father prayer




Drawing for coloring




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