PT Force – Believe and you shall receive!


And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing,

ye shall receive.

Matthew 21:22 

When we wake up, we must present our day to God so that everything may go well. When we do this, we are trusting that anything that happens will be for our good.

As night falls, we must thank God for the wonderful day He gave us. At times, it seems that our day wasn’t that good, but we have no idea from all the problems that God saved us.

We should make this into a habit before going to bed.

This is our daily bread, to talk to God and hear His sweet voice.

Before each meal, we must thank God for the food we have. Many people do not have anything to eat because a spirit of misery entered into their lives. God is not a God of misery, He promised that we would eat the best. So, if there is no food in your house, you can revolt against the spirit of misery and unite forces with God to deliver you from this evil.

You can be sure that if you do a prayer in the name of Jesus, believing in what you are saying, this evil spirit will leave, and soon your family will get back on its feet. But don’t give up!

The devil is like lice. Have you ever had lice? You cannot always get rid of all of them at once. You have to insist,until it’s all gone. If you insist, you will conquer.

No one is lazy when it comes to fighting lice because no one wants to have lice forever, right? Likewise, we should never give up when it comes to fighting against. If you have a relationship with God, you have authority to fight against the devil. He will try to scare you, that’s normal, but God is much stronger! Which is why we should stay close to Him.


Game Stop

Divide the teens into 2 teams and give each team the paper bellow.

They should write as many reasons of prayer as they can.

e.g. mommy, teacher, protection,…

The teacher will give them 3 minutes. When the time is over, everyone should stop writing. The first to finish, must say STOP!






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