The power of your prayer


Starting the class giving to the kids a small piece of paper (for those who can write- those who can’t you just ask them and you educator can help them). Ask them to write reasons of prayer (friends, mother, protection, get good grades…)

Friends, there are so many things that we can pray for…

Let’s check our papers here… (start reading the papers one by one)

You see friends, maybe you do not know what to pray for, but there are many things that you or others around you are in need of, and God is counting on your prayers to reach these needs!

Did you already presented your day to God, asking Him for His guidance?

*Did you already ask for protection in favor of your family members today?

Did you intercede in prayer in favor of a solution to a health problem, or for God to give wisdom to the doctor at the time of the consultation?

Sometimes when we are so involved by our daily routine, we forget to submit to God all our ways and pray, even for a few seconds, in favor of those who are around us.

Faith is not just for great achievements, but it should be expressed in small things too, that, so often, we end up considering them too small to be submitted to prayer.

It may also become part of our daily lives.

If we already know that this world lies in evilness – and the tendency is to get worse – how can we keep ourselves free from evil and our family protected?



Game Stop

Divide the kids into 2 teams and give each team the paper bellow.

They should write as many reasons of prayer as they can.

e.g. mommy, teacher, protection,…

The teacher gives them 3 minutes. When the time is over, everyone should stop writing. The first to finish, must say STOP!





Our Father Prayer

The only prayer that the Lord Jesus has tought us is “Our Father”.

What about to make a booklet for them to remember this prayer and carry it home to share with their family?

With the posters from last week, help the smaller ones to write the prayer following the same standard than the posters.






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