Pray without ceasing


Pray without ceasing.

ITs.5: 17

Many things happen, even being a person of God, precisely because of the lack of prayer. If our faith is not exercised in the spirit, at all times, we end up being guided by feelings, and without protection—exposing ourselves to all kinds of dangers.

And you may ask: “But doesn’t God free us?” Yes, of course, and often of dangers that never came, or will come, to our knowledge. But imagine that you were chosen by the army to battle against an enemy; you have a number of defense weapons and attacks at your disposition, including armor, but you do not use them, and you leave without protection … What do you think will happen?!
God has put at our disposition several “weapons” (Ef.6: 11-18), being one of the most effective ones—the use of the constant faith. But often we subject ourselves to the mistake of neglecting being vigilant, and we end up making ourselves an easy prey for evil.

We have several examples in the Bible of praying men, whose dependence on God allowed them to overcome armies, be free of enemies, cured of serious illnesses, free of lions and obtained miraculous deliverances. This is without a doubt extraordinary! Remember these, and of the biggest Example—the Lord Jesus, that even being God, did not fail to submit everything to the Father, through prayer. Through the entire time we see details that He used to withdraw Himself in order to talk to God. That is why He had the strength to make faith prevail through the most difficult and important moments of His Ministry here on earth.

If Jesus needed to pray, to keep Himself constantly in spirit, what can we say about us?!

The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. 

James 5: 16




The suggestion is: after talking about prayer everyone will pray with this microphone. One way to guide is that  while a friend is praying, all the others will hear and agree in spirit.
Add that: when they will be attending the service in the Church or the CBC class, they also must have reverence while the pastor/educator preaches or prays.
The purpose of the microphone is not for them to have fun but, in order to pass on to them fear and reverence during this activity.











Drawing for coloring




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