PT Force – Pray three times a day, like Daniel


Remember that this year we spoke about Daniel? The Bible says he prayed three times a day. Therefore, his faith was strong and he was a friend of God. They spoke every day! If every day you talk to someone you like, you will be friends in no time. God does not talk to us out loud. If you hear voices, ask for a strong prayer because that certainly is not God who is speaking. God speaks through the Bible, a certainty in the depth of our mind. We must be sensible to understand when God is speaking to us. If you have a habit of praying, you will develop this sensibility. You will know that God is answering you and He will have direct access to you. The Word that comes from God does not bring people down; on the contrary, the Word from God lifts us, motivates us, and makes us happy. Even when He pulls our ear, it is not in a negative or destructive way, but He is teaching us so that we can be better.




“Prayer is the passport that connects us to the throne of God.”
Based on this sentence planning will encourage children to pray more and more. How about we are inspired to Daniel, who prayed three times a day ?!
To make the passport is very simple.
1. Cut out the blue paper and bond sheets of the same size and bundle the two together in the shape of a book.
2 Print the cover, cut and paste with the little book that did.
3. Now just write day, afternoon, and evening for children to write when they prayed.



Materials Needed

  • Blue paper

  • White paper

  • Glue

  • Pen

  • Scissors









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