Homework: pray,pray,pray…


“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

From a young age we all learn discipline. It begins with small things such as: bath everyday, eating time, bedtime, etc and it develops as we grow up. At the age of 3 kids start to attend school. There, they have time to arrive and to leave, to play and to study, to sing and to be quite, to speak and to listen, its all discipline.
The same way we need to apply the discipline into our relationship with God. In 24 hours the child has time to weak up, to go to school, to eat, to sleep, to play. They must have time to pray also.There is 3 special times to pray:

1st- The morning preyer when the child weaks up. To ask God to bless the day, to protect the loved ones and anything else the child wishes to ask.
2nd- The lunch time preyer. To thank God for the food, love and care.
3rd- The Bedtime preyer. To Thank God for the Day, for his protection and provision.

This way a relationship will be built between God and the child. And they will learn to have for time with God just has they have for other things. They will learn to put God first And to spend time with God not only when they are in CBC at the church, but daily.
Of course the child should pray more times a day if they wish to do so.


The art work:
It is time to pray

We are going to print the 3 clocks and give to each child. They will drow the arrows pointing to the time they weak up, the time thei eat lunch and the time thay go to bed. After, they will colour it, for those who can spell should write next to the arrow “bedtime prayer”. Allow them to use their own criativity, and they can take it home to remind them of preying.









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