PT-Force Let’s review


Ask the preteens questions (the ones below are only suggestions that can be used, but the volunteer, who knows the pre-teens, can – and must – create his or her own questions, related to the topic, to better interact with them and make them think, applying what they heard in their own lives). Ask for testimonies (it is important that the pre-teens see the result of what is being preached. Just like the pastors show testimonies of life transformations, it is important that the volunteers show testimonies too. Talk to the pre-teens and see what these teachings have done in their lives. You’ll be surprised in how the Holy Spirit will guide your work).


1- What are the conditions for you to be close to God?

2- How do you know God can hear you when you pray to Him?

3- Share with us an experience you had with God.



*Phone of the sky and prayer (song)

Phone sky and knee on the floor
Call one
Call two or tree
If no answer
If no answer
Call again. 










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