PT Force – To be Humble we must deny our will !!!


Remember what we spoke about in September regarding the flesh? Well, He had that flesh too. It was that human nature to which He was referring. He did not come to do His human nature, His feelings and own will, but the will of God, the will of the Spirit, who had a plan for everything, even when certain things were not good at the time. When we give ourselves fully to God, we cannot impose anything upon Him, we must let Him act. God knows everything. He is a Father and knows what is best for each one of us. He knows the future and can see all the possibilities each of our choices can create. So, isn’t is better to let Him guide us? We don’t know always make the right choices, but we can use some spiritually-wise techniques for our life. For example, having the Lord Jesus’ humility, not imposing our will, doing the will of God, etc. Remember that a few months ago we spoke about God being omnipresent (He is in all places), omnipotent (He has all power) and omniscient (He knows all things)? It is wiser to do the will of He who knows all things, who created the entire universe and who knows all that is going to happen.




Slipper of humility: The idea is to give for each one a slipper,then they can still remember about humility.











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