I know what God wants for me!


..God sent 10 plagues against Pharao and Egipt to set the people free…

..God Opened the Red Sea for the people of Israel…



..God opened the Jordan River…


..God sent manna (bread) from heaven to feed His people…


..God made water came out of a stone…


..God made the walls of Jericho fall down…


..God made more …and more…. And many more miracles…


  Gideon heard about all the wonders The Lord God had made in the past and he knew of what Go promissed to His people that is the reason why he did not accept to live in the situation the people of Israel was living. Afraid of the enimies, hidden in the caves.


  Its time we learn How wondeful and Mighty is our God and get angry at the problems that saround us and our families. We can not be angry at our parents, or family members, no, we must be angry against the problems and cryout to God for a New Life.

Have children identify the miracle that happened in each picture and color them.


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