Forgive… forgive… always!…



The Lord Jesus teachers us to forgive others.

If my friend does something which I don’t like, i must forgive him;

if my parents rebuke me or punish me for something I have done wrong, I must forgive;

if my brother or sister do commit a mistake, I must forgive.

Forgive always, forgive… forgive…

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” Mat 6.12

Keeping grudges makes our hearts sad and heavy, it takes away our happiness and laughter. So, if we want to be happy and have a joyfull heart, than we must forget the bad things and forgive other people’s mistakes. In that way our Father Jesus will be pleased with us and forgive our mistakes.

Let’s exercise forgiveness

What do you do if:

  • My friend steps on my foot accidentally?

  • My brother takes something which belongs to me?

  • My colleague tisses me?

  • My parents ground me ?

  • My teacher rebukes me?




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