Fast of Daniel


fast of daniel

The Holy Spirit

God created the man to walk together with Him, there was no need of nothing.

The man used to have everything, he used to be happy. And that happiness was precisely because the Spirit of God was dwelling in his heart. But when si

n touched the man, the man was away from God, and his heart got sad and empty. Not because God wanted to, but because He is holy.

Since then the man has tried in every way to fill this emptiness, to find happiness.
And specially with the things of this world. He thinks that if he has many friends or “likes”in the social network he will find happiness.

And there are those who spend hours in front of the television or playing games seeking to fill this emptiness, or even having fun with games . But all in vain.

The true happiness, and the only way to fill this emptiness  is rec

eiving the Holy Spirit, God Himself. He alone can fill the empty  hearts.

And this is the reason for the unhappiness of many: the lack of the Holy Spirit.
In this fast of Daniel, we will give up all worldly things, to seek the One who can fill this emptiness and not only make us happy, but to give the salvation of our souls.

Grab this opportunity during this 21 days and your life will never be the same again!

May God bless you all !


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