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The true love


 Romans 8.



If you seek your encounter with God and understand the sacrifice that the Lord Jesus has done  for you surrendering your life to Him, you will have access to the salvation that He has conquered for you. And then, you can live besides Him forever. That’s for you to see the value that God gives to your life.

You are a precious jewel to Him. When you have an encounter with God, you experience true love, because God is the source of love. If until today you were thinking that nobody liked you or that you still do not know love, know that you can find the greatest love the world and become this source. 

Some children have problems at home and find that the mother does not love them. But God did his mother and put His love into her. If she can not have access to this love, it is because she does not yet know the love of God. She can even be inside  the church, but do not know Him yet. 

But if you know the love of God, you will be able to give this love for her. Even if your mother do not give that love to you, you will give love to her, it is written that he who gives, receives. Although you do not receive on time, you are planting love and sooner or later, you will reap.

The person who can not show love is the one who need most to receive that. Because he is like a dry land. No one can give what do not have. For me to give an apple to someone I need to have an apple, right? To give love, I need to have love inside me.

If your parents can not show love for you is because they are not able to find this love within them. And if you seek God, the Source of all love, you will have much love within you to help them fill their heart and find the Source of love. In the Kingdom of God, who gives do not stay without. The more we give the more we receive. 




Help the kids to make their mask. The idea is for them to be the character of the story:

“There was a hundred sheep. One was lost. He left the 99 saved and went in search for the lost sheep. Even having other 99, he would never leave that sheep alone. The Lord Jesus was giving the example of Himself. He left His Father’s house, the heaven, to come to this world to save the lost sheep”…

Print the page.  Have the children color and cut it out.